Message from the MD

md In our brief journey since inception, DNC Infrastructure has progressed well and has achieved many milestones. The Company brings to our valued customers in South Asia .These verticals are witnessing tremendous boom across India and our Order Book is proof enough to that. The rise in disposable incomes and need for quality low cost homes has necessitated the need for better construction activity and DNC is making encouraging headway in that direction. Thanks to our lineage and our past projects, our clients have been coming back to us for their projects. This is a clear indication of our commitment to work, quality and timely deliverables. On the other hand, the industry has been through many crests and troughs owing to various reasons. In the last few years, we have made progress in this area and have achieved a satisfied customer base. We wish to maintain and improve the goodwill earned in addition to expansion of activities by having increased number of branches and going global. We derive strength from our satisfied patron's support to expand. We believe in maintaining a long term relationship with our customers and so to assure them with best quality is our centre aim. But yet again, we resolve to tell you that we will be on the lookout for more opportunities, growth sectors, more businesses, so that we face the challenges of the coming financial year with confidence and the strength to overcome. On a parting note, let me emphasize that we have been on our vision 'to elevate ourselves to match the highest global standards in the entire spectrum of operations'. The company is continuously striving for better safety standards in construction, innovation, new products, technology advancement and better usage of existing technology. DNC Infrastructure is heralding a revolution in the construction industry and we look forward to moving ahead with your support.

Naresh Chowdary
Managing Director
DNC Infrastructure Private Limited





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